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Time Wheel ~ Book 1

Tommy Delo 11 ¾, vertically challenged, fatherless boy, and a reluctant student who moves to Hope, NJ  as a new sixth grader.


After a rocky start in his new apartment with mom, luck shines upon him when he finds a mysterious, powerful, and magical artifact that spins him back in time.

The connection to the prayer wheel grows stronger as he nears his twelfth birthday.

Join Tommy and his new friend, Jake, on  new and exciting adventures, along with troubles many adolescents face.

Wheel Guardian ~ Book 2

Tommy Delo turns twelve. His connection to the time-traveling prayer wheel intensifies. Join Tommy, Jake, and Jeff as they navigate the twists, turns, and adventures of sixth grade and trips back in time.

Mr. Bell gifts Tommy with a secret time travel journal. Tommy Jake and Jeff go on a hunt for a hidden book Jeff's ancestor left behind. Tommy outsmarts a pirate and takes Joe on an unexpected trip.

Jeff continues the search for her long-lost half-sister, with Tommy and Jake's help. Join Tommy as he navigates the choppy waters of adolescence.

Spinning Through Time  ~ Book 3

Choden, the ancient spirit girl in the prayer wheel, asks Tommy to bring Joe Carp and Jenny on time trips.

Tommy resists, but wants an A+ at being a time wheel guardian.

Jeff is thrilled to finally find his half-sister in a place he never would have looked.

And Tommy meets Ming Lung, an exchange student from China who has an astonishing secret to share with him.
Join Tommy, Jake, and Jeff in grade six as they navigate middle school and time travel.



Tommy Delo,
main character

Tommy held his head in his hands. “Homework,” he murmured. Fancy letters didn’t dress up the fact he’d have work to do after school.  He finally understood dad’s funny expression, “You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.” Homework was a time hog.

Jake Stanton,
new best friend

I was about to officially introduce myself at Orientation when Mrs. Lars interrupted my spectacular intro. My name’s Jake Stanton.  Spill—what’s your moniker?” He swept his jet black hair from his eyes and didn't seem to notice the clutch of giggling females ogling him.

Miss Bell 

Miss Bell smelled of gingerbread and spice cookies. The scent reminded Tommy of Christmas. It wafted around her making his head spin in circles. Tommy was airborne floating on a cloud of happiness every time he saw her. He was hooked on history class.


Tommy turned just as Joe barreled into him knocking him clear off his feet. Tommy lay there, splayed out and terrified. He stared face to face with Joe’s demon fist curled and ready to punch him into a new time zone.

Mr. Taylor

Mr. Taylor’s head popped up from behind his metal desk, startling Tommy. “Do I hear a carnival arriving in town?” he said.  A shock of salt and pepper hair stuck up on Mr. Taylor's head like a scared porcupine. His black-framed glasses were perched on his nose over a furry dark mustache which wiggled whenever he spoke.

Jeff Milner,
Jake's best friend

Jeff’s cargo pants pockets were chock full of school supplies. He took them out as if his pocket as if it was a magician’s hat.  Tommy almost expected Jeff to pull a white rabbit out by the ears. Then, as swift as an eagle, Jeff opened his notebook ready for action... his pen, a sword of truth.

Jenny Milner,
Jeff's cousin

“Beth, I'm glad I don’t need glasses like you do. They’re for ugly girls. Oh... no offense, Beth.”

Time Wheel Setting

Barn in Hope.jpg

Barn in Hope

Tommy Delo moves to a rural town.

Trout alley photo.jpg

Trout Alley

Tommy learns about the Trout Alley shortcut.

Bell's Treasure Trove.jpg

Bell's Trevor Trove

Tommy and Mom move into to Bell's Treasure Trove.

grist mill HOPE.jpg

Grist Mill Hope

Old grist mill across from Tommy's new school.

walk to Hope school Main.jpg

Walk to school

This is Main Street.

Hope school enter.jpg

Hope School Entrance

Hope School


prayer wheel image.jpg

Tommy and Jake Research Prayer Wheels

Click on image to learn too.

Pirate Flag

Pirates, Buccaneers, Privateers

Click on image to learn more.


Bell's Treasure Trove

Click on Einstein to find out.

Painting of the Pyramids

Egyptian Pyramids

Learn more about the pyramids here.

Grow Your Spirit books 

Rosemary DeTrolio owner, author

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2020-2021 All rights reserved.

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