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We’re very proud to meet with people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We strive to provide impactful experiences. See what guests and clients have to say about a session with Rosemary.

Find Rosemary on Alignable, FB, Linked in, books by Rosemary DeTrolio, and in her loft office in New Jersey.

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Thank you, Rosemary. Your reading was amazing. You are an angel on earth for certain.


Great video.  Spoken to your audience like a seasoned professional and teacher that you are.  I look forward to visiting you healing space in the future.  I will be sharing your e-mail with my friends.

I loved your presentation for our group. I can't believe they were all enthralled by you. That's saying a lot for our group! 

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I was guided to you when I was feeling lost in my life back in 2005. You have a wonderful gift of communication and the angels speak through you. I highly recommend you to my friends and family. I go to you when I need advice or help. You've helped my personal growth through your words. I look forward to knowing more. You are a wonderful teacher!   


Thank you for outstanding Reiki training and mentoring! C.A.

You've inspired me to write and reach my passion once again! G.H.

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Ro-Sensei, I feel that I need to add the Honorific to your name. I hope that this is OK. What an incredible day it was! What incredible people I met! What incredible peace I was given! I came home yesterday, energized and exhausted. Never in my life had I felt such peace within me, nor had I trusted strangers enough to allow them to 'get inside' me. I walked in your office and I felt like I was home. Sensei, thank you for finding your way into my life and allowing me to find my way into yours. I am looking forward to the continued journey and growth.  Heather 

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