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About Rosemary

contact me at 908-798-3427 (fastest way)

Inspired guide and mentor, and life coach, Rosemary helps her clients harness their own unique gifts through Reiki, interactive classes, mentoring, 1:1 sessions, and angel communication and intuitive coaching sessions.

Find your inner truth and expand your awareness.

Unsure of what you need? Ask for a  15-minute complimentary discovery session on Zoom via email


Book an individual session, inspiring and interactive class,  join in on transformative Ignite your Spark event, or partake in a group class.

See what other's say:


"Rosemary has extensive knowledge base in the spiritual realm is a lifelong passion."

"You saw in me what I couldn't see in myself! You helped me more than my therapist did."


Rosemary has  over 24 years with Reiki training many students and some in the medical care community and alternate health fields.

"Thank you for training me in Reiki! I now have my own successful practice."

"I loved having a session with you. I feel so much lighter and relaxed."


She has been communicating with the angelic realm since 1993 and says the angels send clients to her in the most unusual ways. 

"The reading was amazing. All of it fit me and was on point. I never realized why I had such an issue with my sister until after the reading. Thank you for helping me understand our connection."

"After our intuitive session, I now have a clear path ahead of me. Thank you for helping me find my way."

Rosemary DeTrolio is a Reiki Master Teacher, member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and Who’s who for professional business owners and educators. 


She is a former elementary educator with 32 full time  years with kids. She's a member of the NJEA and NEA, an NJ  mentor teacher and earned a  Master's of Education, with a reading specialization. She's a past recipient of teacher of the year. Hands of Light by Rosemary has been in business since 2000. 

Purchase her book, Divine Messengers,  on Amazon,com or her primary  and middle grade fiction for you kids, grandkids, or family members.

Rosemary's writer's site.


Hands of Light by Rosemary
Rosemary DeTrolio
Hands of Light by Rosemary
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