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I channel your reading before we meet. Please read instructions below.

Contact Rosemary

It takes me 2 weeks AFTER a brief chat to channel a reading BEFORE we meet.


Alternate service

*SEE transformational sessions for life guidance without channeling.

I can book these quicker.


Steps to follow for an angel reading:

1. Prepay your session. Provide email and cell.

2. I'll call to hear your voice and get brief information.

3. Email  2-3 focus areas via email ( to me.

4. I WILL CONTACT YOU to set up a ZOOM or in person session (included in the price)

 45 minutes to an hour.

*This does not replace your regular medical, counseling session with your health provider. Your free will is important. This session is for personal insight.

Angel Reading & guidance (Zoom) written,channeled & session

  • PRODUCT INFO Intuitive Session

    This is a cooperative angelic guidance session. I'm not a counselor, but can guide you with decision-making, life direction, and to tap into your own inner wisdom.


     You have 24 hours after payment to cancel. No refund after 24 hours, since I've already started to channel your reading.  

    If I've already channeled your reading, and you change your mind before we meet, I reserve the right to keep the payment for my time spent to channel for you.

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